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Alternate Vertical Tab

The Alternate Vertical tab allows you to replace an individual jamb or vertical mullion with another one such as a corner mullion. Using the AltVert tab is the first step in creating a corner which connects two elevations.

Selecting the Jamb/Vertical to Replace#

  1. Click Add at the top left of the AltVert tab
  2. Click Select Verticals
  3. In the pop-up window, choose which vertical to replace. (In this example will be replacing the right jamb)
  4. Input the width (in inches) of the corner mullion you will be using


Selecting the Part Number of Your New Mullion & Adding it to the Drawing#

Before adding the new corner mullion to the drawing, a part number must be specified.

  1. Click Add to Drawing
  2. In the pop-up window, right click the area that says Right Click in this Area to Open Parts List
  3. From the parts list, select the corner mullion that you will be using, then click Insert Part.

    you can filter the parts list by typing ‘corner’ into the description field

  4. Click “OK”. Now your drawing will be updated with the new corner mullion