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Exclude Tab

The Exclude tab allows you to exclude a jamb/vertical from an elevation. Doing this is the second step in creating a corner joining two elevations. Since the corner mullion was added to the previous elevation, you won’t need to add the same corner mullion to this elevation.

Excluding a Jamb/Vertical#

  1. Create the elevation that will be joined to the previous elevation with the corner mullion you just added.
  2. Click Add at the top left of the exclude tab
  3. On the drawing, click on the jamb/vertical you will be excluding
  4. Click Update Drawing. You will notice the jamb/vertical you excluded is now shown by with dashed line.


Changing the Profile of the Excluded Jamb/Vertical#

To get the most accurate estimate of the new corner, the profile of the excluded jamb/vertical should match the profile of the corner mullion selected in the previous elevation.

  1. Click the Layout tab
  2. Click Edit Elev Frame Sys
  3. Under the section titled Profile Dimensions, input the profile of the corner mullion into the field corresponding to the jamb/vertical you just excluded. (Left jamb in this case)
  4. Click OK. Now your drawing will show the updated profile of the excluded jamb/vertical.